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Innovation: Faced with the constantly changing market,the compa always try to understand, meet, and exceed customer expectation. Your needs, my innovation, the pursuit of innovation goes on world without end, this is the unchanging spirit of enterprise.

The innovation includes the following mainly: 1) Be good at organization and system innovation with courage; 2) Be good at market development with courage: develop new market, in pursuit of innovative products, get rid of diversified confusion,abandon the blind diversification. 3) Be goodat technology innovationconstantly. Under theproduct competition and market demand, productiontechnology and industrial upgrading have become the firstchoice; the key is to rely on the technical innovation of enterprise.

Every employee does his work dutifully;

Every employee works with down-to-earth attitude;

Every employee knowshis responsibility.

Team spirit
Resource share
Loyalty to the company
Work hard, lively, friendly in the pleasant working enviroment

 Company leadership set an example to get along with all employees equality and harmony

  Attention to employees health

Attention to cultural activity
Serve the society
Regular staff training, pay attention to the combination of research and production

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